Wuppertal Tanzt - Vote for your district

What is it all about?

In her Welttheater Pina Bausch series, Wuppertal dancer Pina Bausch captured the spirit of various major cities around the world.

Each city she selected was given its own dance production reflecting the respective lifestyle.

Not yet familiar with Pina Bausch's pieces? Get an impression here!

A dance mural for your district

We bring Pina Bausch's international dance productions to a wall near you!

How does it work?

  • You vote for your favorite dance piece from the Welttheater Pina Bausch
  • Because each piece belongs to a specific city, you also decide which city we get the street artist from
  • The artist is inspired by the dance piece and creates a suitable mural on the wall in your district

Vote now!

WUPPERTAL TANZT are 10 murals for 10 districts - 10 dance stories, 10 countries, 10 artists, 10 views and 10 perspectives... This is a piece of internationality for every district of Wuppertal, a message of understanding, a presentation of different cultures, captured in movement and transformed into art.

WUPPERTAL TANZT is an extraordinary homage to the Wuppertal choreographer Pina Bausch, her work, her dance theater and her ensemble. These are the images of a woman who set out to explore movement, to set us in motion.